Mike Matchett, CEO of NonProfit Rate

In the business-to-business (B2B) services world, there are companies that have created efficiencies and savings through strategies like group purchasing or forging relationships for nonprofit friendly discounts. At Nonprofit Rate, we believe that nonprofits far underutilize these strategies and services, so we created a site where organizations of all sizes and budgets can take advantage of such savings. Read more here about why we started NonProfit Rate or continue reading for an initial sampling of the diversity of what we’d like to bring our fellow social impact organizations and employees.


There are a host of email marketing services out there that offer a streamlined approach to engaging stakeholders, and with more visually appealing messages to boot. One we like is Mailchimp because its system is intuitive for anyone to learn the ins-and-outs of email marketing on the fly. MailChimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofit organizations, but you have to ask. Check out MailChimp here.


Zapier is a workflow automation program used by many leading companies that also works well for nonprofits. It works by integrating web applications and organizing the information that passes through them, saving precious time on repetitive tasks and eliminating the need to code (or purchase) unique database systems for productivity. There is a 15% discount for nonprofits as well as an extended free trial offer for students/educators. Check it out here.

US Foods

Aside from tech companies, there are myriad little-known discounts on tangible goods for social sector organizations, which ultimately cut operational spending – a win/win/win for nonprofit organizations, their donors, and their beneficiaries. US Foods, for example, is one of the leading national distributors of food and related equipment. CoAction, the parent of NonProfit Rate, has made it possible for nonprofit members to access an established national group purchasing discounts to buy like the big guys. The program brings huge, transparent savings for organizations such as museums, camps, venues and conference centers. Food banks and other non-traditional restaurants are also finding value in the program, which is free to eligible 501c3s. Read more on the offer page.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is a well known bookstore that offers a membership deal of a 10% off all products in exchange for a phone number and $25/year. What you may not know is that Barnes & Noble offers nonprofits, educational institutions, and other social sector organizations discounts on books and media from their stores in the 20-25% range – no membership fee necessary. It’s easy to apply – see the offer on our page to see how.

Skeptical? If you’re asking yourself why companies are doing this, there’s a business reason as well as an altruistic one. There are 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the U.S. That’s a large consumer base with a purchasing power that continues to grow. Savings for nonprofits translates directly to more money for social causes that are important, ultimately contributing to healthier and happier communities. That’s what drives us and our community. If you’re asking why you didn’t already know about these strategies, we get it. That was our question, too! We dug in and came up with this website so that these offers are no longer secrets. Keep checking back for more deals and resources. Or tell us your reaction here – What do you want to see? What do you want to share?