Covid-19 has forever changed many aspects of our lives. However, not all change is negative. In fact, for churches that have learned to adopt new technology during this time, many of the changes will allow them to better serve their church communities going forward. One technology platform that has been widely adopted during the pandemic is Zoom. So how can your church utilize Zoom, even after Covid-19? Here are the top five ways the most innovative churches will be using Zoom in their congregations:

1.Provide Zoom Church Services to Homebound and Dispersed Church Members

The use of Zoom technology has allowed churches to reach those church members who previously were unable to attend in person services. With video service streaming capabilities, these homebound church members can tune in to services from the comfort of their homes. In addition, members with non traditional work shifts or conflicting time commitments can view recorded services at their convenience.

2. Conduct more effective Trainings

Training is often time-consuming and full of logistical issues. Trainings require space and usually have to be planned around the schedules of participants. This planning burden is eliminated with Zoom. Whether for staff or volunteers,  training can be experienced from home. In addition,  Zoom’s recording capability allows participants to view the material as their schedules allow eliminating the need for schedule coordination.

3. Host Small Group Meetings

Small Groups and Bible studies are often the backbone of the church family and have been limited due to COVID-19. Even as churches begin to open up, many small group meetings are still cancelled due to families not wanting to gather in smaller spaces such as family homes. Hosting these group meetings through Zoom allows this sense of community to continue without compromising safety.   Zoom’s popular breakout room’s feature also enables you to have your participants break into smaller groups to discuss a topic and then reconvene with the whole group.

4. Provide Updates

As members choose to avoid regular services, many members are missing church bulletins and important updates. With Zoom, churches can schedule regular church virtual “town halls” to provide updates to church members including changes and safety measures being taken related to COVID-19. These updates can then be recorded and shared on the church website and social media platforms.

5.Host Q&A and Educational Sessions

The most innovative churches are using Zoom platforms to provide targeted sermons and lessons based on church member feedback. Some churches are even setting up sessions related to COVID, such as “Managing Anxiety” and other helpful topics, to allow church members to discuss pressing issues with their church leadership and get guidance and education related to these issues. Even after COVID, this type of instructional service can appeal to segmented members of the church population who may wish for additional discussion and collaboration outside of the traditional “Sunday Service” format.

The good news is this crisis has forced churches to try new technologies and are seeing some surprisingly good outcomes.  Technology will not take the place of gathering together once the pandemic subsides, but it is clearly a tool that smart churches will adapt for the long haul.

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