Our Idea

NonProfit Rate is a curated catalog of the best discounts and resources for nonprofit organizations and social impact professionals. The idea for NonProfit Rate emerged out of a real need for a centralized hub of resources designed for organizations who strive to be more effective and efficient while sticking to tight program budgets. Many of our contributors and advisors come from the nonprofit sector and are passionate about NonProfit Rate’s mission because we understand the unique considerations of running nonprofit organizations in these challenging, yet exciting times.

Our Ideals

We want to be as transparent as possible so that we are not only a centralized resource, but a trusted one. We strive to include the best resources from across categories based on our research and interactions with nonprofit professionals and the smartest corporate advisors.  

You may support our work by clicking on the links to make your purchase, which may earn us an affiliate commission in some cases. This is paid by the retailer after a sale is made and does not add to the cost of the product or service.

We are able to fund our work through affiliate commissions on some of our offers, though whether a supplier offers an affiliate link, does not influence our listing.   NonProfit Rate is an associated site of CoAction, which created a group purchasing organization (GPO) to bring members lower rates by leveraging the purchasing power of thousands of organizations. Occasionally,  when you click on a supplier, it will suggest your organization become a member of CoAction for free to access the best rates. Read more about how it works here.

NonProfit Rate is committed to bringing you the best resources, unbiased by affiliate programs or advertising. In fact, we believe that nonprofits should be able to take advantage of the same discounts that are enjoyed by other companies and we were surprised to find that this opportunity wasn’t available anywhere. That’s why we started NonProfit Rate. You’ll find that some of our offers take you directly to company’s sites, when appropriate, or to other trusted catalogs. In those cases, we are happy to point our readers and members to great offers and resources without earning a commission.

Our Deals

As much as we are committed to transparency, we are committed to quality. Our offers are carefully curated and researched. They are deals, yes, but they are also services from vetted providers that we would trust with our own business and workflow.  

We want to provide a variety of offers that serve both businesses and individuals in the nonprofit sector. For now, you’ll see quite a few resources for your nonprofit organization and your productivity as a team. We plan to grow our business-to-consumer relationships as well – so that changemakers who spend not only their time, but blood, sweat, and passion on such important work are able to take advantage of a little self-care too!

Our Team

This site would not be possible without our advisors and contributors who come from both the nonprofit and for-profit worlds.  Their expertise and insight are critical to this project.  

Editorial Team

Mike Matchett

Mike Matchett is a social entrepreneur with a career spanning the nonprofit and for profit worlds.

He is Founder and CEO of NonProfit Rate. Mike began his career by founding apparel brands which sold to retailers in the US and abroad.  Shared Vision was a cause marketing brand that allowed the company to raise funds and awareness for nonprofits and placed products in major retailers including Macy’s and Nordstrom.

That experience inspired him to take an unexpected career detour when he was recruited to lead marketing for Heifer International.  Under his leadership the poverty-fighting group scaled its fundraising dramatically, raising hundreds of millions of dollars during his tenure.

During this time, Heifer became known as a trailblazer in innovative digital marketing, creative partnerships and branding for a cause. For example, Heifer’s Gift Catalog helped popularize the concept of “alternative giving,” giving to a charity in honor of another for holidays, birthdays, etc.

Mike has been interviewed by media outlets such as the New York Times, Fast Company and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, appearing on its cover.  Mike has spoken at numerous colleges, conferences and events nationwide.

Jessi Rice

Jessi Rice most recently served as a director at Peacework, a Virginia-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. She designed and led community engagement initiatives with U.S. university students and Peacework partners in Belize, Honduras, Cuba, Vietnam, and India. Her passion for strategy and organizational management had her constantly striving to build more effective and efficient systems that would ultimately strengthen the overall mission of the organization.

That passion was honed through Jessi’s early experience in nonprofit capacity building projects both globally and locally, including with Cruzada Argentina and the Sustainable Business Network of Central Arkansas (SBNCA). Cruzada Argentina was J.P. Morgan in Argentina’s corporate responsibility initiative that invested in high school vocational programs to spark entrepreneurialism in rural provinces. At the SBNCA, Jessi worked with businesses to develop standards that would demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental bottom lines. In seeing public/private partnerships work in myriad communities, Jessi has developed a strong passion for leveraging the resources of each sector and drawing on collaborations for social change.