Save on copiers, printers, and document management with a Xerox nonprofit rate

Many of us would rather buy a used car than think about copiers, printers and toner. The industry is full of scams and it’s difficult to compare options.  We consulted experts with large companies to understand the tricks of the trade. If you are looking at  options in this area, one of the best is Xerox, which offers unadvertised discounts for group purchasing organization members (details on that free program below). Xerox is a top choice of corporate and nonprofit IT departments. Membership in CoAction unlocks these benefits at Xerox:

  • Group member discounts on copiers, printers and document management.
  • Once approved, the group rates are accessible directly from Xerox or through their authorized local dealer.
  • If you are in the last year of a copier/printer/document management lease, we find it can be beneficial to switch to Xerox.
  • Existing customers can also benefit.
  • Xerox can provide a custom quote based on your unique usage.

How to access the Xerox nonprofit rate

Nonprofits can learn more and gain eligibility through a free membership in CoAction, a group purchasing organization serving the nonprofit sector. Learn more about CoAction.