In this critical time, we are helping nonprofits of all types find ways to stay in touch and reimagine how they achieve their missions.  Zoom has quickly become a key tool in that effort and we are sharing what we’re seeing as nonprofits go through the process of choosing videoconferencing and cloud phone solutions.  

These are the top reasons nonprofits are choosing Zoom:

1) Ease of Use

Staff find it intuitive and easy to learn vs other options on the market.  Organizations report their external stakeholders of all ages & skill levels find Zoom familiar and easy to learn. Whether donors, volunteers, clients or other constituents, many people are already used to the basic Zoom interface because they use Zoom to keep in touch in their personal lives. 

2) Speed of setup

IT staff find it quick and easy to deploy even in complex organizations.   For most small nonprofits, Zoom is plug and play.  We’ve assisted groups who have gotten up and running in 24 hours.   PC Magazine named Zoom an Editor’s Choice in their review, which covers the factors most nonprofits care about:

3) Works even in low-bandwidth environments

We work with a lot of nonprofits who choose Zoom because they have team members working remotely (often globally) with some less than optimal Internet connections. Zoom is built with challenges like this in mind and makes the most of even slow connections.

4) Scalablity

Zoom works well across the nonprofit spectrum from the largest enterprise users to local community organizations. Unlike some software that is designed only for larger employers, Zoom was built to be flexible and works well no matter the size of the organization.

5) Versatility

Different groups within nonprofits tend to find different reasons to use Zoom. Internal users report that team collaboration is better and participants are more engaged than on traditional conference calls.   Things that seemed daunting a few weeks ago are suddenly simple to do, such as live-streaming events and offering webinars with expert panelists.  

Zoom has exploded on to the nonprofit scene in recent months and fast become an essential tool in managing an organization. We will add to this in future posts as we learn more from you, our nonprofit community.  Please reach out and let us know your thoughts, experiences or how we can assist.  Our service is free and, as an established partner with Zoom and other cloud providers, we connect you quickly and seamlessly to the right people at your preferred vendor.

See our Zoom page here to learn more, ask us a question or have a Zoom rep get in touch.  You can also email us at