Design your space with this Herman Miller discount for nonprofits

Herman Miller is an office furniture store known for modern design and their popular Aeron Chair. There’s more than the Aeron Chair that’s ergonomically made, supporting a healthy workspace for any organization. The store can create custom office bundles for your organization according to your specifications. And there are deep, unadvertised Herman Miller discounts for nonprofits through our group purchasing program. 

Nonprofits love Herman Miller because it’s a furniture store that cares. You can donate used furniture back to Herman Miller to be redistributed to other nonprofits that need it. This program is called rePurpose, and it saves organizations critical funding and keeps large, bulky items out of landfills.

How to access the Herman Miller discount for nonprofits

Nonprofits can access national discounted pricing by joining CoAction, a group purchasing organization serving the nonprofit sector.  Once a member, you’ll be able eligible for discounts through your local, authorized Herman Miller dealer. Simply join CoAction for free and they can walk you through the process.