Train, engage, and meet with your

stakeholders using GoToMeeting for nonprofits

GoToMeeting is among the best, most trusted video conferencing providers  with a webinar platform and training services available from parent company LogMeIn (GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, respectively).

GoToMeeting video puts energy into even the most uninspired of conference calls and webinars with reliable video conferencing. Furthermore, meetings can be managed on-the-go. GoToMeeting also boasts services that close deals faster. For nonprofits, that could translate to donor relationships and getting to the ask. If it can be done over video conferencing, then your organization saves time and money otherwise spent commuting to the office or traveling for in-person meetings.

How to access GoToMeeting 

Though GoToMeeting does have a free version, the services are basic. Any organization that comes to depend on the GoTo suite of services would find the need for an upgrade quickly.   

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