Order custom designed shirts for nonprofits in bulk

GoodMerch is an apparel company founded by nonprofit veterans that understands nonprofits’ unique needs around brand awareness and advocacy. The company makes creating custom designed shirts simpler and more attainable for the 501(c)3 community by sourcing quality clothing at competitive pricing. For busy organizations, this means more time and money saved for the mission. The best part is that GoodMerch handles the merchandising – the printing, packing, shipping, and inventory is all taken care of.

You can:

  • Design custom shirts for fundraisers or events
  • Outfit staff so they are easily recognized out in the field
  • Outfit volunteers during programs & build brand awareness
  • Design custom shirts to sell online or at your brick-and-mortar store

How to get custom designed shirts and merch for your nonprofit

Choose from retail quality clothing, customize shirts with your own designs, and buy in bulk. Built for nonprofits and socially conscious businesses who are focused on making an impact.

  1. Visit the GoodMerch website to learn more or get started.
    • You can simply submit an inquiry and they’ll walk you through the process.
    • If you’re ready with a design in mind, you can get an order started directly through the website.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask to about opportunities for more strategic brand awareness campaigns. Though it’s not published, GoodMerch will set up ecommerce capabilities for nonprofits with merchandise programs where they design and sell merchandise online for free. It’s a great revenue generator – when designs are sold, GoodMerch sends a check. This option would work any organization or business that rallies behind a social cause, including:
    • Nonprofits
    • B Corps and sustainable businesses
    • Camps
    • Churches
    • Teams
    • Campaigns
    • Tourism organizations

Ask about getting started