Keep your data safe with the 1Password nonprofit discount

1Password is a password management and security system for yourself and your company. The service quickly loads saved passwords, so you can login faster and more securely. It also has the capability to remember other important codes like your bank account number, alarm system code, or social security number for quick and easy access.

Nonprofits use 1Password to collaborate more safely and effectively. When you've got staff and equipment in the field, it can be at risk for the most amateur invasions of privacy. With cybersecurity invasions still on the rise, organizations must be very careful about how passwords are shared and recorded. The 1Password nonprofit discount makes it even easier to invest in secure online practices.


How to access the 1Password nonprofit discount

  • The 1Password nonprofit discount saves companies up to 50% on team plans.
  • Read more about 1Password features.  
  • In order to access the discount, first sign your team up. Then contact their sales team, ready with proof of nonprofit status, so they can discount your account.