Ramp Up Your Organization’s Impact with Zoom for Nonprofits

Zoom has quickly become known as indispensable communication tool for nonprofits of all types.  Zoom provides nonprofits more reliable video and phone quality, even when participants span borders.  It is famous for its ease of use, which has allowed organizations to begin using it quickly and saves IT time in the process.   

Zoom Phone, Zoom’s Cloud VoIP office phone offering, is now one of the most cost effective options for distributed workforces, especially for those already using Zoom in some capacity. 

To schedule a demo or discuss how to obtain the best deal and plan, fill out the form below to speak directly to your dedicated Zoom rep.  We can help advise you through the process  and compare Zoom with other options to see which best fits your organization. 


Zoom Helps Nonprofits Worldwide to Do Good Better

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Ease of Use for Users at All Levels  

Participants can launch Zoom easily and intuitively regardless of their type of computer or mobile device. The service does not require meeting participants to join or open an account creating a better user experience.

How Are Nonprofits Using Zoom?

We see organizations across the sector using the Zoom suite in a surprisingly diverse number of ways:

  • Remote Work & Team Collaboration
  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Staff and Volunteer Training
  • Telemedicine for healthcare orgs
  • Individual & Group Counseling for mental health providers
  • Fundraising & Donor Briefings
  • Enabling Small Group Meetings
  • Webinars & Livestreaming Events
  • Remote Learning for K-12, Higher Ed & Education orgs
  • Board Meetings


Zoom Helps Nonprofits Worldwide to Do Good Better

Zoom for NonProfit Plans for Medium Size & Large Organizations

The entry level paid plan is Zoom Meetings Pro, which removes the 40 minute limit on free plans.  It is listed at $15.99 per month before any discount. Zoom Meetings Business adds a large number of useful features such as unlimited phone support, time-saving tools for admins and more for $19.99 per month before any discount. Zoom Enterprise is also $19.99 per month with a variety of useful features for orgs with 100 or more users.  If you expect to have ten or more users, let us know, so we can request a discount on your behalf.

Does Zoom Have a Free Plan for Small? Can larger organizations use the free plans?

For the simplest needs, Zoom offers a free plan for high quality video conferencing with meetings up to 40 minutes in length and 100 participants.  We see many nonprofits that have paid plans for staff that need to host video calls frequently and have all others on the free tier.   This enables everyone in the org to utilize Zoom chat, which is similar to Slack and quite a popular feature.


What Combines Zoom Video and Zoom Phone?

Zoom One Business Plus gives Zoom for NonProfits access to the Zoom Platform bundling all of Zoom’s most popular features:

  • Zoom video meetings
  • Zoom Phone 
  • Team Chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Mail
  • Calendar

Zoom now offers all of these together, which provides a seamless experience. Most organizations are able to consolidate other apps to save money when adopting this plan and leveraging the Zoom platform. Zoom is steadily innovating and adding features more than any competitor in the communications space. Many of these features are included with paid plans at no additional cost. Schedule a demo today if you would like to see Zoom One in action. 

How to Determine How Many Zoom Meetings Licenses You Need

You will need one license for each individual who needs the capacity to initiate a Zoom Meeting. You can host an unlimited number of meetings with one license, but they cannot be held concurrently. All licenses allow up to 100 meeting participants. A Large Meeting add-on can accommodate up to 1,000 participants. Webinar add-ons can accommodate up to 10,000 participants.

For existing Zoom for NonProfit Customers

If you wish to expand your Zoom usage – perhaps by adding users or other products, such as Zoom Phone or Zoom Rooms, get in touch with our team to learn more about discounted rates and comparing your other options. 

How to Get Started with Zoom

Larger users should speak to a Zoom rep directly rather than buy online.  To make contact with your rep quickly, fill out the form below and we will have them contact you immediately. For fewer than 5 licenses, visit the website at Zoom.us. We will have your Zoom rep contact you for a demo, discuss more complex needs or provide a quote. If you’re not sure if you need a rep, we’re here to answer your questions.