Nonprofits save on SupplyWorks’ jan-san products and Home Depot supplies in one place

SupplyWorks distributes a vast array of all the paper products, cleaning supplies, etc. needed to run facilities. If you operate a facility, especially a larger one or a group of far-flung facilities, the choice of a supplier for all the janitorial and sanitation needs is key.

A major benefit from the recent SupplyWorks merger with Home Depot is the ability for companies to access to the Home Depot ProPurchase Program and get one consolidated bill.  This is especially useful when you have multiple facilities to manage.

How to access the SupplyWorks savings for nonprofits

Nonprofits can gain eligibility to unadvertised discounts via membership in CoAction, the group purchasing organization serving the nonprofit sector.  Join for free and they can walk you through the process.