Get unadvertised savings on office, facility and remote work essentials with the Office Depot nonprofit discount

Nonprofits can now save up to 75% on over 93,000 products at Office Depot and OfficeMax with this free program, but you have to enroll (which take 5 minutes). Great for your printing, cleaning and office needs. Shop online or in any Office Depot or OfficeMax store. Enjoy FREE next-day delivery on online orders over $50! 

Click here to shop online or print off a FREE Store Purchasing Card. Perks of the group purchasing program include:

  • Nonprofit employees also have access to these nonprofit discounts for their own personal use. 
  • Excellent resources for nonprofits reimagining the way they operate–from Work From Home (WFH) to safety equipment and supplies for staff and visitors.  
  • Discount eligibility no matter whether you prefer online ordering or in-store purchasing.

 What types of supplies are discounted?  Much more than you see in a typical store:

  • All the standard office supplies you see in stores including huge savings on essentials such as paper and toner.
  • Printing from simple to complex jobs.
  • Cleaning supplies and paper products for your entire facility regardless of size. 
  • Break room supplies including coffee, K-cups and more. 

 Taking advantage of the nonprofit discount on office supplies means that more of your fundraising efforts go toward the programs that are core to your mission. Equally important, employees don’t miss out on the productivity tools that they need. It’s a win-win-win for donors, staff, and your clients or beneficiaries.

How to access the Office Depot discount for nonprofits

To get started with the program Click here to shop online or print off a FREE Store Purchasing Card.